Smelly Boy gift pack


Smelly boy gift pack: for those who love the woodsy, spicy smells of traditionally-masculine fragrances.

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We don’t really believe in gender roles here, so the Smelly Boy gift pack is appropriate for people of all genders (we just couldn’t resist this name!).  In this pack you will receive 3 of our most popular traditionally-masculine soaps:

  • Wizard’s Beard: Inspired by Lord of the Ring’s Gandalf, this soap smells smokey, woody and just a little sweet. Perfect for any aspiring wizard in your life (yourself included!).
  • Bay Rum: This traditional barbershop staple contains notes of bay leaves, citrus peels and various spices.
  • Lumber Jack: Straight up smells like someone who chops down cedar trees.

This is a limited-edition gift pack only available for the fall/winter of 2021, so be sure to get yours while they last!

Weight 350 g

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