Where to find Tubby Tabby Soaps

People ask us all the time where we’re located, and the honest answer is that we’re still running this little business out of our home studio! But we do sometimes participate in markets or stock our products in brick-and-mortar stores. So if you’d like to shop our products in-person, you’re in the right place! Here are the good folks who are hosting our products in the foreseeable future.

Ottawa Artisans Store at Bayshore Shopping Centre

Ottawa Artisans store at Bayshore Shopping Centre

If you’d like an in-person shopping experience on your own schedule, we recommend checking out the Ottawa Artisans store at the Bayshore Shopping Centre. The store is located on the second floor, around the corner from/beside Nespresso.

To find our products in the store, walk straight to the back and you’ll see our items on the right-hand side of the back wall.

Ottawa Artisans store at Place D’Orleans Shopping Centre

We’re excited to announce that as of February 1 (2022), we have our wares at the Ottawa Artisans store at the Place d’Orleans Shopping Centre!

To find our products in the store, simply walk into the store and look to your left. You’ll find our items on the left wall near the door, at about waist height.

Ottawa Artisans store at St. Laurent Shopping Centre (NEW!)

We took the plunge and set up shop at the St. Laurent location of Ottawa Artisans on March 1 (2022)! The store is located just near the cinema entrance, so if you come in those doors and walk straight past the cinema escalator, you’ll see the store on your right.

To find our products in the store, walk to the very back of the store, where the scented items are. We’re located on the wall right beside the back hallway, and you can find a wide selection of our offerings there!

2022 Markets + events

We’re thrilled to be doing online and in-person events alike this year! Please keep an eye on this schedule, as it will be updated as we add more events and dates!

Women’s Show @ the Shaw Centre (April 9-10, 2022)

We’re so excited to announce that we’ll be at the Women’s Show this year! Taking place at the Shaw Centre, right in downtown Ottawa, you won’t want to miss us at the Ottawa Artisans alcove! Be sure to stop by and say hi, as we’ve even made a special exclusive soap just for the show!!

Pride, Not Prejudice Fair (april 21-24)

The PNP fair is one of our favourites to do twice a year! It’s totally online, but we’re surrounded by other progressive, wonderfully creative folks who are doing great work locally and we love every second of it! We’ve gone ahead and made not one, but two special, limited edition soaps just for this show! Seriously, you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to mark your calendars! 🙂

Farmers’ Market @ St Laurent Shopping Centre (every other Sunday, May 8 to September 25)

You’ve been asking and we’re finally going to deliver! That’s right, you can come see us in-person every second Sunday at the farmers’ market that happens in the St Laurent parking lot during the summer! We can’t wait to see all your smiling faces and get to know you better as you make your regular visits! And of course, you know we’re going to have all our best specials for you, so you just might be able to pick up some extra great spoils, too!