Tubby Tabby Soaps Gift Card


Tubby Tabby Soaps Gift Card: Like giving a kid money for the candy shop!

Multi-buy savings Savings
3+ items 5%
5+ items 8%
8+ items 10%
12+ items 15%

Not sure what to get your BFF, thesis director or great aunt Mildred as a gift? We’ve got you! The Tubby Tabby Soaps Gift Card is way better than throwing your hands up in the air and giving them an empty box! (And since the card is digital, you don’t even have to put a stamp on it!)

Time and time again, our customers have told us their loved ones simply adore getting Tubby Tabby Soaps as gifts! But with all the scent options, extracts for special skin types and cuteness on this website, how will you ever know which is the perfect choice for your loved one? By letting them choose exactly what they like, of course!

Once you enter the gift receiver’s email and a message (if you like), the card will automatically be sent to your buddy. And don’t worry; they won’t end up on any mailing lists or anything, even our own, because we hate spam just as much as you do! (Maybe even more, tbh.)

If you or your friend ever have a question or concern about your gift card, simply contact us anytime and we’ll be more than happy to help!

Tips + FAQ

Sending gift cards anonymously

There is no requirement to enter your real name when you order the card. If you put something like “Santa Claus” or “Your Secret Admirer” in theย from field, not only will they have no idea who sent it, but we’ll find it funny AF, too.

Sending multiple gift cards in the same amount

Look at you, having more than 1 friend! ๐Ÿ˜€

To send multiple gift cards with the same amount, simply choose how many cards you need and separate the email addresses with commas. Each recipient will receive one of the cards.

So for example, to send 2 gift cards, each worth $50, choose the $50 option, set the quantity to 2, and then enter 2 email addresses, separated by a comma. If you enter a message, they’ll each get that, too. Fancy, isn’t it?

Sending multiple gift cards in different amounts

Sorry, we’re simple folks and doing more than one thing at once hurts our brains. So if you want to send a different amount to each recipient, please add each card separately to your cart. Simply enter the details for each card, then click “add to cart” and return to the gift card page to add the next card. As a bonus, you can customize your message each time this way, too!

Sending a different message to each recipient

If you wish to send a different message to each recipient, even if the card amount stays the same, you’ll need to add each card separately to your cart. (See above for how well we do at multitasking.) Please enter the card details and click “add to cart” before returning to this page and repeating the process with the new message for the next recipient.

Expiration of funds

Fun fact: it’s illegal for us to put an expiration date on our gift cards, because they’re considered currency! That means that Tubby Tabby Soaps Gift Cards last as long as Tubby Tabby Soaps does! That’s good news for whoever you send your card to, because they can procrastinate for however long they want. (We love procrastination, too, so no judgements here!) Since we’re not planning on going anywhere, they’ve got plenty of time.

Timing of delivery

Gift cards are sent more or less immediately. I mean, technically the server sometimes takes a couple of minutes, but your chum should have their soap dough in 5 or 10 minutes. If they don’t, and it’s not in their spam, let us know so we can help out! There might have been a typo or something and we can always find a solution with you.

Some customers are all, like,ย fancy and stuff and want to send the card later. Frankly, we’re pretty simple people over here, and we don’t know how to do that. But you know what we do know? The email with the gift card can, like, totally be forwarded!! ๐Ÿ˜€ If you want to send it on someone’s birthday, for instance, but you want to buy it a week early for some reason, you can just put your own email in the to field and forward it on your buddy’s big day. Heck, if you use Gmail, there’s even an email scheduling feature, so you could schedule it for next week and forget it. Pretty nifty, eh? ๐Ÿ™‚

Where the card is accepted

Because the gift card is specifically for Tubby Tabby Soaps, you need to spend it on Tubby Tabby Soaps’ website. Even though you can sometimes find us at in-person at markets, or in brick-and-mortar locations, unfortunately the payment system isn’t Tubby Tabby Soaps-specific. That means that these cards can only be used on the Tubby Tabby Soaps website. However, on this website, the card works just like cash and you can use it to cover product, taxes, shipping, or anything else you’d usually pay for on the website.


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