Packaging trade-in program

Tubby Tabby Soaps offers a trade-in or reuse program for many types of non-paper packaging. When a customer opts to return or reuse their tin, jar or pouch again, it’s win-win-win. We win because we get to reuse or responsibly recycle the packaging. The environment wins because it reduces waste. And our customers (that’s you!) win because they save money on their next purchase!

How it works

In order to participate in the trade-in program, you simply purchase a product from Tubby Tabby Soaps with a qualifying package, use the product and return the package to us so we can refill it for you (or responsibly recycle it). You’ll receive a credit for the package, and that credit can be used towards your new order from Tubby Tabby Soaps!

To place your new order, please let us know you have trade-in packages so that we can provide your credit before you submit your payment. This will be a coupon code that’s just for you. Typically, if you loved what you got the first time and want more of it, we’ll simply refill your own package. If you want to change it up and use your credit towards a new type of product, we’ll typically sterilize and reuse your package for another customer’s item, or if it’s not salvageable, we’ll recycle it for you.

Qualifying packaging

The table below outlines which packages qualify for the trade-in program, what material they’re made from, how much product they contain when new, and the corresponding monetary credit. Numbers are per container. To find how much credit you’ll get when you trade in your packaging, simply find the corresponding credit value and multiply it by how many of those containers you have to return to us. That’s how much credit you’ll have for your next order—it’s really that easy!

Package typeMaterialProduct size (when new)Credit value
Body butter jar (small)Glass (metal or plastic lid)30g$3
Body butter jar (regular)Glass (metal or plastic lid)60g$4
Lotion/conditioner bar tinsAluminum (metal)35g$3
Lip balm tinsAluminum (metal)7g$1
Liquid soap jugPolypropylene plastic1 gallon$5
Liquid soap pouchPolyethylene plastic1 litre$3
All dollar amounts are listed in Canadian Dollars.