Zero Waste Dish Soap


Zero Waste Dish Soap: natural doesn’t have to mean poorly cleaned! This all-natural soap will cut grease for days!

From our household cleaning line.

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Tubby Tabby’s Zero Waste Dish Soap bar is the eco-friendly way to make sure your dishes get as clean as a whistle! Simply lather up your favourite dish-washing brush, scrubby or sponge and rub the lather on your dishes. Watch the grease melt away and leave you with a sparkling clean dish!

Using the great grease-cutting abilities of an all-natural ingredient derived from orange peels, we’ve crafted this soap to be able to get even the greasiest messes clean! Now, it won’t foam as much as commercial soaps that have foaming agents added, but it will definitely help keep your dishes free of oils, food stains and more! In fact, this soap is so good at cleaning, you might find it a little drying to your skin, so we recommend using gloves when washing, and/or having a good dollop of lotion applied after you’re done washing. (We recommend this whether you use this soap or another cleaner, to be honest!)

Our Zero Waste Dish Soap is part of our household cleaning line that helps you skip the plastic while getting your home in order. We don’t add synthetic colour to our household cleaners. They also only use biodegradable cleaning agents (like plant-derived detergents and all-natural soap), and in some cases are lightly scented. In this case, the soap is is completely uncoloured and may only have a very light citrus scent from the added orange-based ingredient (it helps cut grease).

Available in 120g bars or 360g blocks. The bars are great for a 1-2 person household and will typically last a few months. For larger households, we recommend the larger block, so that the soap will still last at least a couple of months.

Please note that this soap is not exactly rectangular, as the current batch turned out a little misshapen (hourglass shaped, kind of). It still works beautifully and we think it makes it even more clear that it’s handmade and unique!

Ingredients: coconut oilwater, sodium hydroxide (lye), olive oil, d-limonene, citric acid, cane sugar.

Photo statement: we’re very grateful for our friends over at Move Over Martha for providing these beautiful product photos for us!

Weight 120 g
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