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Clay Facial: Move over, masks! It’s soap’s turn to shine!

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Clay Facial owes its gorgeous rosy hue to the colourful clay we added. The clay gives this soap extremely gentle exfoliation and it’s believed to help clarify oily skin. The clay also gives this soap some extra slip that helps decrease friction while shaving with an electric razor (for shaving with a regular razor, we’d recommend our Bay Rum Shave Soap or our Original Shave Soap).

These bars, meant to be used specifically on the face, are smaller than our other grown-up bars. (After all, most folks have a face that’s smaller than the rest of their body.) They weigh in at 90g, like our kids’ soaps. (These bars were previously about half the size, and despite their size change, they contain all the same nourishing ingredients you’ve come to expect from Clay Facial!)

Because we used clay to colour this soap and it’s totally unscented, this soap is completely free of synthetics. This makes it extra gentle for your face, or even appropriate for babies!

Ingredients: olive oil, fair trade coconut oil, water, sodium hydroxide (lye), sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, castor oil, kaolin clay, coconut, sodium lactate.

Weight 55 g
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