Handmade soap

Tubby Tabby’s handmade soap is gentle, high-quality and moisturizing. And that’s to say nothing about our artisanal soap designs! With a high glycerin content, all of our soaps will help lock moisture into your skin, and our fun designs will make you smile while you do it. Our small-batch soap is available in traditional and simple designs, as well as colourful and fun designs. But you can always count on soap with a sense of humour, because all of our handmade soap is wrapped in papers printed with fun names, write-ups and pop culture references. Just because you want to pamper your skin, it doesn’t mean your soap has to be boring! We’re here to help with that.

In this section, you’ll find all of our handmade soap, including both bar soap and liquid soap. You can grab a liquid soap refill to go green and reduce your environmental impact, or you can stick to the plastic-free bar soap option. The possibilities are endless!

We’re here to help you feel well, and clean your butt!

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