Charcoal Facial handmade soap


Charcoal Facial: Made with activated charcoal, so your face can shine bright like a diamond. (Or, you know, not shine, ’cause it’s banished excess oils!)

From our Au Naturel collection.

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Charcoal Facial handmade soap has the goodness of all-natural, bamboo-derived activated charcoal. It’s made without any fragrance or essential oils. The charcoal gives it the black colour, and some of our customers have even told us that this soap helps reduce their breakouts.

These bars, meant to be used specifically on the face, are smaller than our other grown-up bars. (After all, most folks have a face that’s smaller than the rest of their body.) They weigh in at 90g, like our kids’ soaps. (These bars were previously about half the size, and despite their size change, they contain all the same nourishing ingredients you’ve come to expect from Charcoal Facial!)

Charcoal Facial is part of our Au Naturel collection that skips any synthetics and sticks to natural colours and (sometimes) essential oils for fragrance. (In this case, the soap is totally unscented.)

Ingredients: olive oil, coconut oilwater, sodium hydroxide (lye)sweet almond oilcastor oil, cocoa butter, activated charcoal, coconut, sodium lactate.

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Weight 90 g
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