Happy Holidays handmade soap gift set


The Happy Holidays Gift Set:  Perfect for those who love the winter holidays.

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The Happy Holidays handmade soap gift set is the perfect holiday gift for your loved ones with sensitive skin! Handmade soap is more moisturizing than commercial soaps to begin with, but we’ve also added fair trade cocoa butter. Our palm-free, 100% vegan recipe also means you can feel good about how our products impact people, animals and the planet!

This gift set includes 3 soaps, each weighing 120g. These soaps are available individually, but buying the set together gets you about 15% off!

The set includes:

  • Gingerbread: is a layered brown and white soap topped with soap gumdrops, designed after the classic edible houses. Scented with a high quality fragrance oil, Gingerbread‘s scent profile is buttery, spicy and absolutely divine!
  • Let It Snow: is a white and blue-green swirled soap, reminiscent of a snow storm in an evergreen forest. It even has some shimmering glitter on top to emulate the sparkle of snow. The aroma is airy and fresh, kind of like a first snow!
  • Soapy the Snowman: is a simple but cute little soap with two coal eyes and a carrot nose to give the impression of a snowman’s face. He even has a cute red scarf!  Soapy smells like a wintery blend of oakmoss, fresh spices, ylang ylang, cypress trees & more.

The gift set comes in a cardboard gift box, making it extra easy to wrap.

Weight 360 g
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