Tub o’ Lard (lye soap)


Tub o’ Lard: even if you’ve been rolling around in the pig sty, this soap will clean you right up, and hydrate your skin while it’s at it!

From our Au Naturel collection.

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Tub o’ Lard is what is sometimes called “lye soap” (or “lard soap”). It is the most simple soap we make, with only two ingredients (except water), and is very conditioning to the skin. Tub o’ Lard is totally free of fragrance of any kind, including essential oils. It just smells like soap.

With no added colour or scent, Tub o’ Lard is part of our Au Naturel collection that’s perfect for those who are sensitive to synthetics.

Ingredients: lard (pig tallow), water, sodium hydroxide (lye).

Fun fact: we never purchase processed/industrial animal fats to make our soap. 100% of our lard is rescued oil. That is to say, it was headed for the garbage, but we gave it a new life by making it into soap! While this soap is not vegan, it is freegan, and appropriate for those who are trying to live zero-waste.


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