Rosemary Mint solid shampoo bar


Rosemary Mint solid shampoo bar: now your hair can match your teeth’s minty freshness. You’re welcome.

From our Au Naturel collection.

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The Rosemary Mint solid shampoo bar is all natural, scented only with rosemary and peppermint essential oils. Rosemary Mint is totally free of synthetic fragrances or colour of any kind, including natural dyes. It has a gentle, minty smell and is a creamy white colour.

The Rosemary Mint solid shampoo bar is specially-formulated to nourish and clean your hair naturally. Rosemary has been said to help stimulate hair growth and prevent early balding.

This shampoo bar is solid, eliminating the need for plastic packaging, and will typically last as long as 2-3 standard bottles of liquid shampoo. For the longest life possible, please store your solid shampoo bar in a place where there is some air flow so that it can dry out between uses. (Near the back of your bathtub is usually just fine.)

Because most commercial shampoos (liquid or solid) contain harsh chemical additives to increase lathering, you may be used to more bubbles from your shampoo. However, this bar prioritizes cleaning power and uses only natural, hair-friendly oils so that it is gentle on your hair and the environment all at once. We think this is a fair trade-off. 🙂

Scented only with essential oils, the Rosemary Mint solid shampoo bar is part of our Au Naturel collection that’s perfect for those who are sensitive to synthetics.

Ingredients: fair trade coconut oil, distilled water, olive oil, castor oil, sodium hydroxide (lye), canola oil, organic palm oil, essentials oils (peppermint, rosemary), fair trade organic cane sugar, fair trade pink Himalayan sea salt.


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