Green Smoothie handmade soap


Green Smoothie: the only other place you’ll find carrot, spinach and cocoa powder together!

From our Au Naturel collection.

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Green Smoothie soap lets the natural beauty of its ingredients shine through. It contains spinach powder for a green colour and carrot root for the creamy beige colour. We’ve also added a little kaolin clay for added silkiness. Then we used fair trade, organic cocoa powder to make pencil lines for added contrast. This soap is just how nature intended it: simple and beautiful. Green Smoothie is unscented and has a very mild, pleasantly earthy smell.

Green Smoothie is part of our Au Naturel collection, which doesn’t use synthetic fragrance or colour. Some Au Naturel soaps are scented with essential oils, but in this case, the soap is totally unscented.

Ingredients: olive oil, fair trade coconut oil, water, sustainable palm oil, sodium hydroxide (lye), sweet almond oil, castor oil, kaolin clay, cocoa powder, spinach powder, carrot root powder, sodium lactate.

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