Beeswax wax melts


Wax melts: These aromatic little tarts are sure to melt your heart!

These beeswax wax melts (various scents) are best used in a fragrance diffuser. Diffusers may be electricity-powered or tea light-powered, and both are fine for these wax melts.

Part of the reason we (Lia and Eli) got into soap making is that we love all kinds of scents and we believe in indulging in the sometimes-overlooked sense of smell.  So we are very happy to announce that we now sell wax melts! Wax melts are the perfect way to add fragrance to a room without an open flame. They can be used with either an electric or tea light-powered wax melter.

Our wax melts are made with coconut oil, fair trade beeswax sourced from African Bronze Honey & high-quality fragrance and/or essential oils.

Ingredient: Beeswax , coconut oil, fragrance oil and/or essential oils.

Note: We have noticed that some electric melters do not get hot enough to render all of the melts liquid without a little help. If you notice a ring of unmelted wax along the edges, you can stir in the unmelted pieces with a toothpick or similar implement. This should help melt the solid bits.

Pile of Leaves

This lovely scent will bring up images of sipping spiced apple cider in the backyard while taking a break from raking the leaves. Top notes of green stem, lemon and cedar leaf combine with middle notes of lemon, spiced fruit and mixed florals, and bottom notes of earthy musk.

Trick or Treat

Smells just like opening a bag of Halloween candy full of your favourite treats. Notes of juicy ripe cherries, strawberries, and raspberries harmonized with hints of tangy citrus all come together with icy peppermint, a hint of chocolate and sugary hard rock candy.

All of these fragrances are also available as tea lights!

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Pile of Leaves, Pumpkin Spice, Trick or Treat, Witches' Brew


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